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From 2-4 December 2019 the final project meeting took place in Berlin. The partnership met at the headquarters of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Families, Berlin in the very city centre near Alexanderplatz.

On 3 December 2019, the project was presented at Deutsches Theater (German Theatre). The audience consisted of teachers, head teachers, people responsible for in-service training, members of Berlin universities and city authorities, members of Junges DT (Young German Theatre) who work with schools, and of members of the Senate Department for Education.

The project idea was presented in a welcome address, a keynote speech, delivered by Prof Nihad Bunar from the University of Stockholm, and a lecture given by Prof Katja Kansteiner from the University of Education in Weingarten.

Short sections of three of the modules developed in the project were presented in workshops by the partners from Esbjerg College, the University of Palermo and the Senate Department for Education, Berlin.

In a panel discussion, challenges and chances of modern in-service training were covered and related to the project idea and its outputs.

The LADECI partnership would like to thank all people who contributed to this final conference and have not yet been mentioned, among them Kati Bond, who led us all smoothly through the day by her witty and entertaining moderation, Judith Radtke and Jana Berger, our two very competent simultaneous interpreters, PCS Konferenztechnik for providing the technology along with a very cooperative technician and, of course, the members of Deutsches Theater for allowing us to meet in their beautiful Saal and organizing a delicious catering, in particular Maura Meyer and Birgit Lengers from Junges DT.


The LADECI partnership is currently editing the common report that has been created on the basis of research results of all five participating institutions. It will be published as soon as the editing process is completed. To give visitors of this page an idea of what the report is about, our Stockholm partner agreed that their contribution to the common report may be published in advance. You can find the document, if you klick the respective button on our PRODUCTS page.


At the beginning of June, the project partners met again for the fifth transnational project meeting. This time it was hosted by the project partners of University of Education Weingarten, in the very South of Germany. The international consortium got an impression of the host's home town by visiting Weingarten's landmark - the baroque Basilica which is architecturally linked to the University of Education.

As the meeting in Weingarten was the last scheduled meeting before the final conference in December, the consortium was determined to make decisive progress on finalising the IOs. Successfully, it was decided that IO 1, IO 2, and IO 3 already can be published on the LADECI website by the end of June. Hence an innovative feature can now be found on this website at the "products" page under the tab TRAINING PROGRAMME where we present for the first time one of the LADECI training sessions.

As the project is moving towards the final phase, the partners focus on completing the final IOs and on realising the important multipliers events that will be held during September and October this year as "Train the Trainers" sessions by each project partner.

While working on these final steps of the project, the partners are looking forward to the last project meeting, and especially to the final conference, both taking place in Berlin, where all project partners, contributors to the project and invited guests will come together to see and discuss the results of the created LADECI idea.


In the early spring of February 2019, the fourth national meeting took place in Esbjerg, the oil end energy capital of Denmark, but also a very important city regarding several academic educations and institutions, and amongst them, the hosting University College South. After arriving Sunday, the 17th February, the partners met on Monday morning to continue the work with IO3 and the course pilot. To get an impression of how the core issues related to the LADECI project like Literacy, Democratic Education and Citizenship could be dealt with in primary school, the afternoon was spent by visiting a local school and here to participate in teaching, and later meeting up with teachers and school management. After this very exciting visit and good talks with all, the LADECI people drove to visit the oldest city of Scandinavia and Denmark called Ribe. Tuesday the 19th started with a visit in a local social city center in Esbjerg supporting integration and inclusion for newcomers to Denmark and other citizens at risk in this part of the city, designated as a 'ghetto area' by the Danish Government. From noon the LADECI meeting continued at The University College of Southern Denmark with focus and talks about the upcoming IO's like:

  • Service Teacher Training programme final version (IO4)
  • Teaching Guideline (IO5): A Draft for this will be presented by the Italian Team
  • Classroom Material (IO6): Collecting materials in Dropbox. A Draft for this will be presented by the Swedish Team
  • Trainers Manual (IO7): A draft Matrix for this will be presented at the meeting by the Danish team

The kick off for the programme on the last day of the Danish LADECI meeting, Wednesday the 20th , was a presentation of an example from practice on how to work with language and inclusion in multilanguage classroom environments. After this presentation, done by a teacher from a school in the municipality of Kolding, the meeting continued with focus on the upcoming assignments in the LADECI project like the dissemination and the finishing project conference in Berlin.


Today we like to present another Erasmus+ project, directly connected to the scope of the LADECI project. The ReCreaDe project (Reimagining Creative Democracy) focuses on democracy and diversity and by that is having a complementary scope to the LADECI project but at the same time is sharing the idea of fostering democracy with the LADECI team and project. ReCreaDe recognises that diversity is a fundamental premise for democracy and the inability to positively engage with diversity is the inability to act democratically. The project wants to address primarily pre-service teacher education as a foundational stage in teachers' pedagogical development. ReCreaDe addresses diversity through innovative arts-based and cross-disciplinary integrated approaches in education. It targets the development of social, civic and intercultural competences and critical thinking to tackle discrimination, segregation, racism, bullying and violence. ReCreaDe includes informal and nonformal learning widening the scope for understanding the relationship between democracy, diversity and education. For more information please follow this link:


On the 3rd of September 2018 the project partners met for three days for the third transnational meeting in Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden, where they received a very warm welcome by their wonderful Swedish hosts. After starting the project meeting with a visit to St. Erik's Gymnasium to get a better impression on the Swedish approach on integrating foreign language speaking pupils into the Swedish school system, the meeting continued on Stockholm University campus. At the Department of Child and Youth Studies the partners then discussed the further development of the training programme (IO 2) and succeeded in finalizing the structure of it. After intensive working phases in smaller teams and fruitful plenum discussions, the project partners agreed on the final steps in preperation of the pilot (IO 3) that will be conducted individually by each partner between October 2018 and January 2019. The results of IO 3, experienced during the execution of the pilot and gathered by an editing conference with the participating teachers in each country, will be discussed on the next (4th) transnational meeting, scheduled for Febuary 2019. It will be hosted by the Danish project partners in Esbjerg, Denmark. The cultural programme around the meeting offered a great impression of the Swedish culture and Stockholm city life.


On the 11th, 12th and 13th of April of 2018, the partnership met for the second time, this time in the Sicilian capital Palermo. After presenting the results of the Transnational Report (IO I), the partners explained their approach to the project and their contributions to design the In-service Teacher Training Programme. This exercise led to a fruitful exchange of ideas about promising practices regarding language acquisition and democratic citizenship education and how they could more successfully be linked in order to raise students' capacities. The partners learned more about the field of expertise of their teammates and their academic and practical perspectives. Furthermore, there were two very productive sessions where the team members worked in small groups in order to refine project management and advertising. During a practice related discussion the partnership further discussed how they will compose the final Training Programme. Another important outcome of the meeting is that the group agreed on a flexible but standardized structure for the pilot of the Training Programme to be carried out by each partner at home. The next meeting will be in the Swedish capital Stockholm on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September 2018.


From November 8th to 10th the whole project team came together in Berlin to have a project kick-off. For three days we were discussing in detail how we want to work together, what topics we want to focus and what we see as most important for a successful teacher training programme. At the end of the meeting we fixed an outline for the structure of the teacher training programme and identified several topics serving as possbible modules in the future training programme.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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